Our team has put together a set of infographics to easily and effectively communicate information and data about our company and our scientific solutions.

In Vitro DMPK Expertise

Our preclinical compound profiling capabilities cover the entire ADME spectrum to guide your project towards viable clinical drug candidates. With decades of pharma expertise, our NUVISAN scientists assist you from assay design selection to interpretation of results and implementation of screening strategies to overcome ADME liabilities and DDI risks.

Human iPSC Platform

We understand the intricacies of working with 3D models and how they can impact your hypothesis on structural, functional, metabolic, and molecular maturation. Discover the potential of human-derived iPSCs with NUVISAN—empowering advancements in drug discovery processes.

Our Central Logistics Expertise

The backbone for efficient preclinical pharmaceutical research is reliable, flexible, and fast logistics. Our highly integrated logistic setup ensures quick turnaround times for both incoming and outgoing shipments.

2023 Successes

We have introduced many new solutions in 2023, including Xrays2Go and Assays2Go that support clients efficiently with comprehensive data sets. To further support the biopharma ecosystem and foster scientific innovation, we launched an open platform that links innovators with investors. We look forward to continuing to grow, expand, and support each stakeholder in the biopharma industry.

Targeted Protein Degradation Platform

With decades of expertise in drug discovery combined with our cutting-edge degradation platform, we provide innovative strategies for the rapid discovery of PROTACs and molecular glues across all business models.

Phase II and III Clinical Trial Excellence

As a science CRO with over ten years of experience managing multicenter and multicountry studies in Europe, NUVISAN can work with you to develop customised study designs, tailor-made solutions, and scientific consultation to support your phase II and III clinical trials.

Discovery Chemistry Excellence

Our NUVISAN discovery chemists transform your ideas into compounds in our world-class laboratories. From hit-to-lead and lead optimization to scale-up, biotransformations, and physchem characterizations, our team of scientists help turn your hit molecules into drugs.

Immuno-Oncology Solutions

At NUVISAN, we provide a wide range of customized services to advance your immuno-oncology project, leveraging our extensive industry expertise. We guide and conduct appropriate studies to progress your program from exploration to preclinical and clinical phases.

Clinical Solutions in LATAM

Our experienced LATAM team supports various clinical projects through their outstanding connection with local authorities as well as strong relationships with an extended site network, across more than 11 countries in Latin America.

Microbiological Chemistry

Our microbiological chemistry team has over six decades of experience in biotransformations within the pharmaceutical and agriculture sectors. By utilizing nature's rich toolbox, we produce drug metabolites, conduct preparative biotransformations, and efficiently scale up proteins and plasmids.

Chemical Development Expertise

NUVISAN`s scientific team has extensive knowledge in the development of chemical processes up to GMP manufacturing for pre-clinical and clinical studies. We support our clients at all points of the chemical development of their API, from early project de-risking to late-stage route scouting.

Digital Life Science Expertise

To identify drug targets, optimize drug design, and accelerate the drug discovery process, NUVISAN offers a wide array of digital life science tools including bioinformatics, molecular modeling, quantitative structure activity relationships, machine learning, as well as a 3 million compound library.

Why Partner With NUVISAN?

Whether you are a venture capital firm looking to invest in a new drug or therapy, or a biotech company seeking funding for your research, NUVISAN can provide the data and insights you need to derisk and advance your project further. With NUVISAN, you can access the latest research and technology to identify the most promising investment opportunities and advance the development of new drugs and therapies.

Isotope Chemistry

For drug discovery and development, we are experienced at providing isotope synthesis, labeling and storage solutions for both your stable and radiopharmaceutical isotopes. Benefit from our 40-year experience and cutting-edge technology to advance your projects.

Toxicology at a Glance

At NUVISAN, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of toxicology solutions to support the drug discovery and development process. To assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs and therapies, as well as to identify potential toxicological concerns, we do perform in vitro and in vivo studies, as well as genetic toxicology, immunotoxicology, and safety pharmacology studies.

2022 Successes

2022 has been a major milestone for NUVISAN as we achieved new certifications, expanded our equipment and services, and grew our team of dedicated employees. We are committed to continue providing valuable information and insights to our followers and clients, and we look forward to continue growing and expanding in the future.